Lucas is Magnus's best friend, but this journey takes them on separate paths...

Lucas is Magnus's best friend, but this journey takes them on separate paths...

From best friend to troubled enemy… What is Lucas’s story?


A difficult character…

This week is another 'Eye on a Character' journal entry from Gone Dragon - Book I and I'm looking at Lucas.

Lucas is one of the most difficult characters for me to write about as a journal subject. He is affected by twists and turns so early in the book that I really have to be careful how I broach the subject of Magnus’s best friend without revealing important plot points—I wouldn’t want to give anything away!

A best friend.

Lucas was born in the Fire Realm of Allumbreve and grew up in the Western Margins. As I often direct you, take a look at the map of Allumbreve and find this area to the west of Allumbreve. More specifically, take a look at the Bowthwait lands north of the Crescent Woods. This is Lucas’s family lands. South of the Crescent Woods are the J’esmagd lands – Magnus’s homelands. Growing up, the Crescent Woods were a playground for Lucas and Magnus. However, in Gone Dragon - Book I, these woods serve as a place of refuge when their lives are in danger…

Lucas’s origins – part fire, part gypsy

Lucas’s father is Ganister. You may remember Bonstaph - Lucas’s father, discussed in the previous ‘Eye on a Character’ journal entry. Well, Bonstaph is Ganister’s best friend. So you can appreciate Lucas and Magnus have been the best of friends since childhood.

Lucas’s mother - Sarah - is a gypsy. Gypsies of Allumbreve can originate from anywhere within Allumbreve (and occasionally from beyond...) and usually do not affiliate themselves with any one particular realm. Sarah is an important figure in the Gone Dragon series, so look out for a journal entry on Sarah soon.

What does Lucas look like? He has his mother’s curly blond hair. He is slightly taller than Magnus and almost as lean – something that always made Magnus curious considering how heavyset Lucas’s parents are.

Two boys shared a dream.

With fathers who were among the greatest warriors in all of Allumbreve, Magnus and Lucas have long shared the dream of becoming Knights of the Authoritarium. However, in Book I’s first twist in the first chapter, Lucas and Magnus both encounter obstacles threatening to destroy their common dream.

Trouble from the start.

As sure as trouble starts in Gone Dragon, you will see Lucas deals with his lot quite differently to Magnus.

Whether it be by his own choices or by fate alone, Lucas’s path leads him to dark places. What’s more - spoiler alert here - Lucas faces the darkest of fates leading him to commit the darkest of deeds. Such deeds are things Magnus himself must come to terms with and decide…

Can Magnus's lifelong friendship with Lucas survive such atrocities?

What do you think?

Is Lucas really that different to Magnus?

Is their lifelong friendship salvageable at the end of Book I?

How would you deal with the challenges dealt to Lucas?

And a quick quiz question - the image above is straight from the printed version of Gone dragon - Book I. Can you find it in the book?!

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I hope you continue to enjoy the journey!

T.P. Sheehan