Bonstaph's past has a huge influence in Gone Dragon - Book I.

Bonstaph's past has a huge influence in Gone Dragon - Book I.

former knight commander... What is Bonstaph’s story?

This is the third journal instalment looking at a specific character in the Gone Dragon journey. I thought I would talk about Bonstaph this time. As Magnus’s father and former Knight Commander, Bonstaph's footprint certainly has an influence on how the story of Gone Dragon takes shape!

Bonstaph is of the J’esmagd clansfolk from the Western Margins of the Fire Realm (Check the map of Allumbreve in your book or here to see where the J’esmagd lands are in the Fire Realm). Once Bonstaph relinquished his position of Knight Commander in the year following the great Battle of Fire, he retired to his homelands. Two years after this, Magnus was born.

His reputation precedes him.

Early in Book I, Bonstaph’s reputation and presence is felt. Indeed, on page two Ganister (an accomplished warrior himself) describes Bonstaph as a swordsman he was never able to best. As for Magnus, well, you soon come to realise that Magnus is concerned about his father’s view on him becoming a knight.

Bonstaph and Magnus have a clash of opinion.

Becoming a knight has long been Magnus’s dream but if his father has anything to do with it, this will never happen. Indeed, Bonstaph said to Magnus,

“… there is no place for you in the Knighthood. Not under the regime of the Authoritarium…”

This, of course, doesn’t sit well with Magnus. But as the story in Book I unfolds, Magnus learns that his father's opposition comes with reason!

A Knight Commander who stood his ground.

This is where Bonstaph’s backstory rears its head. Bonstaph was a Knight Commander under the old regime, in the days leading to the Battle of Fire. The Battle of Fire was a particularly nasty battle with many implications that you have no doubt learned all about in Book I and still have plenty to learn in the forthcoming Book II. Then came the Authoritarium – a new ruling structure that would govern the realms of Allumbreve from within Guame’s city walls. The knighthood was restructured and Bonstaph did not want to be a part of it.

Bonstaph may have withdrawn from his position at the table, but enemies and would-be-allies are still feeling the mark he left during his time in the knighthood. This is a mark that will soon be felt by his son, Magnus...

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