A true friend and a true warrior!

A true friend and a true warrior!

Lucas’s father and Bonstaph’s right-hand man… What is Ganister’s story?

Time for another journal entry focussing on a character from the Gone Dragon series! This time we are looking at Ganister.

Magnus's idol.

I’ve been looking forward to writing an Eye On A Character segment about Ganister. From the first chapter of Gone Dragon - Book I, Ganister plays his part as a strong influence in Magnus’s life.

Ganister is, of course, of the Fire Realm. He is a large, heavyset man with typical olive skin and dark hair. To Magnus, Ganister is everything a Knight should be; strong, sure of himself and without the bitterness Magnus’s father possesses. If you follow my journal entries regularly, you are no doubt familiar with where the Fire Realm is within the lands of Allumbreve (if not, take a look at your map of Allumbreve).  West of the Uydferlands, toward the Western Margins, you will see the Bowthwait Lands. These are Ganister’s homelands.

The best of friends.

Ganister served as Bonstaph’s right-hand man in the order of the Knights of the Realm and fought in the Battle of Fire. Soon after the battle, Ganister married Sarah. Shortly after this and following Bonstaph’s own spectacular retreat from the Knighthood, Ganister returned to his homelands.

As with Sarah (Ganister's wife), Ganister is always a man of high spirits. He is Magnus’s teacher in swordsmanship and an accomplished swordsmith. Indeed, Ganister forged the matching fleu-steel swords for Magnus and his own son Lucas when they were still infants.

Ganister was there when it mattered.

Ganister has as much admiration for Magnus as Magnus does for him, and so when trouble comes to the Western Margins threatening Magnus and his family, it is Ganister who mounts his Wardemeer horse and charges off to protect him.

A slight Book I spoiler alert here... (but you've surely read Book I by now?!)

There's bitterness in this tale.

As fate would have it, Ganister’s part in Book I becomes a bitter tale, indeed. It is a fate that cuts Magnus deep and Magnus will forever find himself casting judgement over what happened within Ba’rrat’s arena. However, Magnus is not the only one whose world is turned upside down on that fateful night when the guards retreated from their posts along the borders of Realms End.

In Book II, Magnus will need to be cautious with his judgement. Everyone has a tail to tell and reasons behind their motives—this is something Magnus most certainly learned from Eamon. Carrying such lessons forward in life can be a challenge. Perhaps assuming the best in people, yet preparing all the same for the worst, will hold both Magnus and Catanya in good stead as their journeys continue...

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T.P. Sheehan