That's it for 2017 - thanks for a great year!

It’s summer here in Australia but this time last year my family and I were taking the trip of a lifetime. It was a four month journey we shall forever remember. We celebrated a European white Christmas for the first time. In fact, on Christmas Day we were in London, patting the bronze lions in Trafalgar Square and strolling through Regent's Park. And for New Years Eve? We were in Budapest watching fireworks over the Danube River! Just weeks later, we journeyed our way to Manhattan, NYC where we introduced ourselves to Patience and Fortitude - the two Marble lions guarding the New York Public Library!

This year, we are back in Australia for our first summer in two years!  Well, after a decade Living in tropical Far North Queensland, an extended break from the constant warmth was actually quite nice.

It's also a good time to look back on the Gone Dragon journey for 2017. It has been a pretty epic year!

2017 – a year in motion.

2017 has been a blast! It marked the start of the Gone Dragon journey with Book I launched in July in several forms – an international version in paper back and eBook and a limited First Edition of only 100 copies (hold on to those First Edition copies, folks!)

Also in July, I started the Journal Series on this website.

A second version of Gone Dragon - Book I was published in September just in time for the final Supanova event of the year. This was followed with numerous book signing events and the odd Christmas market, all of which were fabulous opportunities to meet and chat with readers.

Also in September, a subscriber’s page was set up on this website so that I can let readers know when the latest Journal entry is up and any other pertinent information relating to Gone Dragon. If you haven’t already, subscribe here because in the new year there are exciting things happening!

In December, the Journal Series was upgraded so you can download or print pdf versions of each weekly journal entry. This was in response to interest in using the journals as a tool to encourage young readers in particular to get more involved in the reading process.

That brings us to the end of 2017.

A new year and new adventures!

2018 brings a new year and new adventures. A small break over the silly season will give my family and I the chance to spend more time at the beach (we can’t let all those waves break at Middleton without us!).

From mid January, it’s back to work! For me, the most exciting of all in 2018 will be the release of Book II. In addition to this, I have some author talks and signing events coming up. I will post more information about these on the promo page as the dates are set (or you can subscribe and I’ll let you know!).

I want to take this time to thank all of you for your support and making this journey amazing. I never tire of having a chat about Gone Dragon and love meeting readers whenever I get the chance. 

So to all my readers out there, I wish you well for the end of 2017, I wish you all the best for 2018 and I cannot wait to meet you in the near future!

Happy Reading!


T.P. Sheehan