Sarah - gypsy of the Western Margins

Sarah - gypsy of the Western Margins

 To the gypsy that remains - what is Sarah’s story?

 This week is another ‘Eye on a Character’ journal entry. A very important character in Gone Dragon – Book I for many reasons, not least of all this: Would Magnus have survived without Sarah?

Firstly, what exactly is a gypsy?

You need not bother looking at your map of Allumbreve to find an answer to Sarah’s origins. Gypsies tend to be of no fixed address! They have been walking these lands since the Paragon era - the first age of Allumbreve - long before the four Realms were established. Their native tongue and language of magic stems from the ‘Old-Words’ as Eamon described them – the language of the Paragon era. Gypsies are a transient population, moving about between the realms as they see fit, settling with the seasons and moving with the tides. ‘Predictable’ is not a word one would use to describe them and, to quote Eamon again when he described himself as a gypsy, they have their “own brand of mischief”.

Gypsies may not affiliate themselves with any particular realm but they do tend to have a knack and wisdom not afforded other people, perhaps by virtue of being so well travelled. Whilst not possessing the magical qualities unique to each of the realms, they are quite magical in their own right and tend to be very creative and artistic. Indeed, many of the artisans who travel the lands of Allumbreve selling crafts and forging weapons are gypsies.

Sarah the gypsy.

Magnus points out a couple of features that give Sarah’s origins away,

“She tucked her long blond hair back revealing the various shaped piercings she had around the rim of her ear, under which was a small tattoo in the shape of a four-sided star. Both these qualities revealed her gypsy past...”

Other than this, Sarah is short, stocky and has long, curly blond hair. Oh! And when she smiles, her fleshy cheeks lift and she looks like a yawning cat! (That’s Magnus’s observation, not mine!)

Sarah was always there.

If Catanya was Magnus’s light at the end of the tunnel, then Sarah was the one who constantly reminded Magnus that there was indeed a light worth persevering for. And so, when the going got tough for Magnus (and boy-oh-boy did it get tough!), Sarah was there to gently remind him why he should never give up. She often did this by telling Magnus - and you - stories of their pasts and why he had to keep pushing forward. The most powerful story was that of his mother’s tragic past. At the eleventh hour, this knowledge motivates Magnus to push on.

A tragedy in waiting.


When Book I comes to its close, you come to realise that there are truth’s Sarah needs to learn that will break her heart. It is poignant that, after a long fight fuelled by hope, Sarah faces even greater challenges and decisions in Gone Dragon - Book II.

I for one have a sweet spot for Sarah. If you read my journal entry entitled “What’s In A Name” you will know that Sarah’s character is quite personal for me. One thing is for sure; as with most characters in Book I, her journey is long from over…

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Happy reading!

T.P. Sheehan