Now there’s a way to start my journal series - the first words of Gone Dragon! I could quote the prologue of course, but I’ll save that for another time, just in case you haven’t read it yet…

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for joining me. It really is a privilege to have you reading ‘Gone Dragon’ and sharing ideas with you. I am excited to have this journal as a platform to share things with you. I want to use it to talk about Gone Dragon and share with all of you the journey I have been through whilst writing this book. I’m excited that you’re keen to delve deeper into Magnus and Catanya’s journey through Allumbreve.

Indeed, it’s an exciting journey with plenty more to come. Be sure to look over other journal entries to learn more about the characters, creatures, magic and mysteries of the land of Allumbreve. Have a look around this website at other updates on events and dates to look out for – none less important than the future release of Book II of the Gone Dragon Series!

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Take Care, Fleatermara people!

T.P. Sheehan