1st manuscript, 2nd manuscript, 3rd manuscript, 4th manuscript,  book! 

1st manuscript, 2nd manuscript, 3rd manuscript, 4th manuscript, book! 

This is the number one question I'm getting about Gone Dragon!

Gone Dragon - Book I is weaving it’s way into the world, but it’s only the first book in the series. How in all of Allumbreve did I plan for this?

Well, do you want the short version or the long version of the answer?!

It takes time.

The short version is—it takes time. A LOT of time! There are 130,000 words in Book I but there are many more words in the plotting and planning. And that takes time.

The long version is—Gone Dragon took years for me to get right.

Take time to get to know your characters.

I initially started writing Gone Dragon in 2009. After six months I stopped and took a good, long hiatus from writing to consider what it was exactly that I was trying to achieve. The most important element of any story is the characters. I needed to take the time to get to know each character and find out what they were about. Once I knew each character’s strengths, foibles and history it became a far more rewarding experience to shape their journey in Gone Dragon.

The characters intertwine.

We all know that Magnus and Catanya have the desire to be together and, it would seem, will stop at nothing to ensure that happens. However, they are young and have a lot to learn. They are stepping forth into a big world where they interact with some powerful personalities who have strong desires and histories of their own—many of which are intertwined with one another in often-contradictory ways.

Of course, many characters are not what they seem…

Some friends become nightmares,

        Some resented family members become strongest allies,

               And of course, almost everyone seems to have secrets of his or her own!

Learning for myself what all the characters in my story desired was a journey in itself. I really needed to invest myself into the complexity of the characters. Through this, Gone Dragon has taken on its own life. What happens each step of the way becomes an almost organic evolution of the storyline.

It is rewarding!

This brings me to what I think is so rewarding about an epic fantasy journey;

You can immerse yourself into an ever-expanding story that reveals a bigger world than the protagonists ever knew existed.

The characters become intertwined with an intriguing backstory they never knew they were a part of. Together with the challenges they face, all of this contributes to helping them grow. And you may just find yourself growing a little with them! I certainly know I have.

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Thanks for joining me on the journey,

T.P. Sheehan