This book wasn't written on caffeine and sugar alone!

During the years I spent writing Gone Dragon - Book I found I needed to tune in and drop out of the world so that I could immerse myself into a whole new fantasy world. Music, more than anything else, helped me do this.

Early on I stumbled into Epic Music. You know the stuff: the music scores for all those fantasy and sci-fi movies that give you goose bumps, the music in those video games you lose yourself in and your favourite TV sagas with their familiar theme songs.

Two Steps from Hell

One of the first pieces of music that really pricked my ears up was in a Lamborghini commercial (This won't be at all surprising to those of you who know me!). In this commercial, the song really helps to shape the story of the two Lamborghini Aventadors as they carve their way through beautiful rural Italian streets. It really gives the commercial life. The song is called Tristan and was performed by a group known as Two Steps from Hell.

Two Steps from Hell were formed in 2006 by Thomas Bergensen and Nick Phoenix. To date, they have created the musical scores for more movies and TV shows than you could ever imagine including the later Harry Potter musical scores, the Twilight saga, the X-men movies and The Chronicles of Narnia. In addition to this, they've created the scores for a host of TV shows and  Computer Games.

Many other groups have created some amazing musical scores in a similar fashion including Audiomachine with Star Wars - Rogue One, Star Trek, King Arthur and many more. 

I began hunting down musical scores by these groups and in 2012, Two Steps from Hell released their first public album called Invincible. I still love this album and many of the songs on it appear in movies. See if you recognise any of them.

Opening Pandora's box

Several years ago I stumbled across Pandora Journey's YouTube channel. This channel is amazing! Pandora Journey post the latest epic music creations from a variety of artists and sources. They also post terrific mixes that go for up to three hours of continuous play and run with themes such as: powerful, uplifting, heroic and even ninja tracks! I became so hooked on these mixes that I created a spreadsheet with the names of each mix and the time where certain songs started that fit the tone for specific chapters in Gone Dragon - Book I.

To this day, I still tune in and drop out, immersing myself into the songs I used as I re-read certain chapters. Many songs have been tagged and are ready to go for scenes I'm yet to write in Book II, Book III and beyond...

Happy reading... and listening!

T.P. Sheehan

A few cool links to some of my favourite uploads.

Here are a few mixes I have played over and over again while writing Gone Dragon - Book I.

Invincible - by Two Steps from Hell. As mentioned before - the first album I got of this genre and I still love it.

Most Beautiful & Powerful music - one of the first epic music mixes I discovered and still love.

The Power of Epic Music - Full Mix volume 3 - this is a terrific mix and one I've played countless times!

Audiomachine - Remixed 2014 - this one is a little more aggressive and one of my favourites. 

Click here (or Right Click & select 'Download') to open a printable PDF version of this Journal entry.

I hope you enjoy them!


T.P. Sheehan