First, become the warrior...

First, become the warrior - What is Catanya’s story?

This is the second 'Eye on a Character' journal entry focussing on a character from the Gone Dragon series. As much as it made sense to start with Magnus, it makes equal sense that the second character in focus would be Catanya.

Catanya is a favourite!

Whilst Magnus is unquestionably the primary protagonist in Gone Dragon – Book I, Catanya comes in a close second. So many readers have told me Catanya is their favourite character. I am so glad, because I fell in love with her myself when I created her and shaped the story of the strong willed, fiery-natured girl from the Fire Realm who becomes the warrior. I’ll not say much more of how she grows and evolves in Book I in case you have not read this entire book yet (but surely you’ve started?). However, there is a lot to tell on who she is and where she is from.

A girl of the Fire Realm.

Catanya is from the Fire Realm. Take another look at the map of Allumbreve and find the Fire Realm in the western portion of the land. While you are there, do you see the glyphic symbols throughout that realm? Check the map’s key and you can see the symbols suggest the reaches of the Fire Realm. Keep looking at the map and find the town of Nuyan to the east of the Nuyan River. Nuyan is in the Uydferlands and this is where Catanya is from.

Unlike Magnus, whose father is of the Fire Realm and mother is of the Ice Realm to the north, both Catanya’s parents of the Fire Realm. Her appearance is typical of her people – she has long dark hair, olive skin and brown eyes. She has a lean build and isn’t particularly tall, but is strong willed – a nature that helps to shape the person she is soon to become!

Where does Catanya get her tenacity?

 Catanya comes from a family of warriors. Her father - Xavier - is a Knight Commander and that is only the beginning… Whilst it was never her intention to become a warrior herself, fate plays her a hand she does not expect early in the Gone Dragon journey. At first, she fights against where she is taken in her journey but soon learns to work it to her advantage.

What Magnus and Catanya share in common is more than just one thing. Firstly, they are committed to one another. The second thing they share in common is determination. They will stop at nothing to be together, yet their natures and what they are prepared to do to get there are quite different.

Catanya has a fiery personality. She knows the fast route to temper! Catanya learns quickly to focus her nature to get where she needs to go. In Book I, Catanya soon learns what she needs to do to help her achieve her goal.  

Whilst Catanya shares a dream with Magnus, in Book I you share both their journeys and learn that they each have their own way of getting where they need to go.

Epic journey’s are never without tragedy.

An epic journey like Catanya’s is character building. They make you, the reader, fall in love with a character and cheer for them when times are tough and throw a fist in the air when they get what they want! The tricky part of an epic journey though, is keeping a focus on where you are going. You can easily become side-tracked when temptations come your way or tragedy occurs. Both of these come in spades when you have big dreams and a big goal in life. The important thing is to stay focussed and stay committed. Catanya certainly is when she says,

“I am meant to be yours, Magnus… 

...Some day, one way or another, I will be. I promise.”

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I hope you are enjoying Catanya's journey!

T.P. Sheehan