Two other creatures staking a claim to the four realms

Two other creatures staking a claim to the four realms

Dark creatures in the land of dragons…

After an age of turmoil in Allumbreve, only one race of dragons remains to protect the people of the realms. Unfortunately, Delvion is not the only malevolent creature staking a claim to the four realms...

Tackling these two creatures at once is not something I’d recommend and so for that reason, I’m going to pick them apart, one at a time. Lets start with the bigger of the two.


At ‘thrice’ the size of a Wardemeer warhorse, the black Corville Mountain wyverns are BIG. Hailing from the desolate Corville Mountain ranges (check your map here!) these creatures are straight-up nasty. A collection of these wyverns is known as a ‘storm of wyverns’, perhaps for their resemblance to an approaching dark, ominous thunderstorm. And like a thunderstorm, this means bad news is coming. With wyverns though, it’s not only the threat of sharp fangs and poisonous barbed tails, it’s the malicious mental attack these winged, maleficent beasts can inflict.

In the Gone Dragon - Book I chapter entitled ‘Healers’, Kriser explains to Magnus,

            “Wyverns are very near the nastiest of creatures…

            “Their poison gives aid to a mental assault so they can manipulate and deceive…

            “Rhyme and reason is twisted into turmoil and madness. To be overcome in such a way is a cruel fate for the worst of men.”

Later, Magnus finds himself in the compromised position of having a mental battle with a wyvern. The struggle sees him wrestling within the mind of the creature, trying to find some way of reasoning with the creature only to come to the realisation that it is a creature of,

            "pure hatred... [and] not a hint of rationality to reason with."

Is there a side to the black wyverns that Magnus could not see? Perhaps there is another who will find reason or compassion within a wyvern’s irrational hatred. It would certainly have to be someone who shares a more intimate connection with them.

In Book I, Magnus’s good friend Lucas has a run in with a wyvern that shapes his journey. To what extent the wyvern is responsible for Lucas’s actions remains to be seen. 

Thugs for hire?

Wyverns appear to be ‘in cahoots’ (now there’s an old saying!) with the Quag. Adorned with saddles, reins, and sheaths for the Quag warrior’s two black blades, one would think the Quag have learned to tame the wild beasts. Perhaps, though, they serve one another’s interests. With only the Couldradt fire dragons to deal with, the black Corville Mountain wyverns could finally have the opportunity to leave their desolate mountain homes to overrun the fertile lands of the four realms.


Worgriels are altogether a different creature to wyverns. Do you recall Magnus at the entrance of Froughton Forest with Breona, staring into the darkness and contemplating his first step into the forbidden forest and staring into a pair of ghostly, pearlescent, unblinking eyes? 

“Assume the worst, hope for the best...” This was the warning Magnus’s father gave him. I fear even Bonstaph would not have anticipated worgriels in Froughton Forest. You see, worgriels have no place in Froughton Forest. They do not belong here. Yet it is this pair of haunting eyes that find Magnus. Magnus however, has no idea what it was.

Later, it is the Irucantî priest – Jael – who stumbles across the dead carcass of a wyvern and recognises it,

“A worgriel… foul creature. Why has it wandered this far from the caves beneath the Corville Mountains?”

Foreshadowing events to come, Jael grows concerned that strange things are occurring in the forest realm. A black skinned creature standing at four and a half foot tall, worgriels in Froughton Forest have travelled a long way north from their even darker and more desolate home in the Caves of Cuvee. But they have their place. And they have their reason for being in Froughton. Such reasons are long and convoluted, but Book II will take you a little further into the darker parts of Allumbreve where, unfortunately, you may find yourself face to face with a pair of ghostly, pearlescent, unblinking eyes…

It’s not over yet…

Yes, there’s a third Journal entry looking into the dark side of Allumbreve. But unlike last week, I shan’t be revealing anything about it. It shall remain a dark secret until then…

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Happy reading!


T.P. Sheehan