Learn about the land of Allumbreve - the setting for Gone Dragon!

For the journey of 'Gone Dragon' I created a whole new world - A new landscape that is known as Allumbreve...

Allumbreve is a continent surrounded by the Neverseas, so called because the seas are said to be impassable but for one exception (do you know where?!). The landscape of Allumbreve is diverse, with numerous mountain ranges, plains, rivers and lakes, woodlands and forests, with a dominant and ancient forest at its centre known as Froughton Forest. To the north of the Corville Mountains, Allumbreve is divided into four realms. In the first book of Gone Dragon, I discuss the origins of these realms, for they were not always a part of Allumbreve's landscape.. 

During the First Age of Allumbreve (or as Eamon called it - the 'Paragon' age) the realms did not exist. But as this era came to pass, the once-peaceful lands were torn apart by the ravages of war. The race of man was bought to ruin.

The four gods of Allumbreve intervened, dividing the lands into four realms. They then entrusted unto Allumbreve four breeds of dragons. One for each of the realms. One for each of the gods. The dragons would be guardians of the people. 

The landscape of Allumbreve changed forever as the realms of Fire, Ice, Earth and Air were formed...Happy Reading!



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