Photo by Anna Rogers

Photo by Anna Rogers

T.P. Sheehan

Hi there! I am T.P. Sheehan, the author of Gone Dragon. This first book in the series was written and re-written over six years. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the world of Allumbreve that forms the backdrop for the adventures of the determined Magnus and the tenacious Catanya.

In the first instalment of Gone Dragon you’ll be taken through…

The dark depths of the Valley of Shadows, the corrupt ruling capital of Guame, the isolated mountains of Romgnia and the perilous citadel of Ba’rrat beyond the Southern Wastelands. In these harsh environments, Magnus and Catanya fight for what they want most - each other.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting the Gone Dragon website and thanks to all the readers who share their passion and love for the book. I hope you’ve enjoyed Book I of the series and I look forward to sharing the second instalment with you all soon!

- T.P. Sheehan