Hello and welcome!

Having delved this far into Gone Dragon, you’ve most likely gathered…

I have a thing for dragons!

“Where did that start?”

I can tell you exactly where. It stemmed from two things in my childhood.

The first was from a beautiful wooden cabinet that sat in my uncle’s lounge room. It was made of deep red mahogany. The two doors of the cabinet each had a huge dragon carved into it. As a young boy, I would trace the carvings with my fingers and let my imagination run wild, daydreaming about where they were from and what stories could be made of them. And do you know what T.E. Lawrence said about daydreamers?

“…the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible.”

The second childhood influence was listening to my father’s old Peter, Paul and Mary folk album that included the song, “Puff the Magic Dragon”. The song was released in 1963 - long before I was born! It tells the tale of a young boy named Jackie Paper and his relationship with a dragon named ‘Puff’. If you’ve never heard the song, nor know the lyrics, you should look them up, for they portray a truly mystical and magical side of dragons and the bond between a dragon and a boy.

Today, dragons continue to fascinate me. Powerful, noble, wise, wild and free creatures of our imagination. There are many fire dragons in Gone Dragon—the last realm of Allumbreve protected by dragons. Some are old and wise like Färgd while others are young and adventurous like Thioci.

If you've been reading Gone Dragon, you've no doubt come across other fanciful creatures that claim the land of Allumbreve as their home. The worst of which is surely the wyvern. In Book I, you have the displeasure of meeting the Black Corville Mountain wyverns. These are nasty creatures, and as Magnus discovered, are a creature of "pure hatred... [with] not a hint of rationality to reason with." Being three times the size of a Wardemeer warhorse, they are not a creature you would like to mess with!

But this journal entry is about dragons - far more pleasant to talk about!

Who is your favourite? I know I have one!

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Happy reading,

T.P. Sheehan